WePresent Global Climate Strike Posters

By: WePresent + Artist Collabs:
Walid Bukhari
Anisa Makhou
Daniel Liévano
Stefan Marx 
Karabo Poppy
Yeji Yun
WePresent of WeTransfer asked artists to create a poster that demonstrated what they'd like to say if they could attend the Global Climate Strike this year. Because of the pandemic, it's harder for people to come together and physically protest, so the posters are free to download and share for personal use to spread awareness.

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“With public events prohibited in most places, it’s hard to know how you can get involved this year. That’s where we’d like to help. We asked artists from around the world to design a poster that shares the key message they’d like to communicate if they were able to march and protest. They’re yours to keep. Whether you want to proudly hang one in your window or post it on your social feed, download the one that speaks to you and join the fight."

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