The Colour of The Climate Crisis
By: Do the Green Thing + 24 Artists of Colour
The Colour of The Climate Crisis is an exhibition (both in Glasgow and online) by Black artists and artists of colour exploring the relationship between racial justice and climate justice.

“We know that racialised and minoritised communities are already on the frontlines of climate change. Their experiences, ideas and leadership must be central to the global response to it.”

Their website also features a Call to Action section: “Use the hashtag #thecolouroftheclimatecrisis and help us demand that politicians centre the experiences, ideas and leadership of Black people, Indigenous people and other people of colour in the fight against climate change.

The work in this exhibition is a response to a Do The Green Thing article on the connections between white supremacy and climate change by Minnie Rahman.

Minnie ends her piece with guidance on how to be a good ally, and suggests environmental organisations like Wretched of the Earth, Healing Justice Collective and Green New Deal UK for people of colour and allies to support.

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